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Re: I going nuts with this issue on my daughters 2000 XJ

The symptoms do not suggest vacuum lines or fuel pressure as the primary suspect for the symptoms. 49 +/- 5 psi is the specified fuel pressure for 97-01.

As already suggested, the onset of the symptoms seems to be as the PCM switches from Open Loop to Closed Loop and monitors all the engine sensors. You should suspect a faulty engine sensor, or wiring issues to an engine sensor, and O2 fuses. Test the engine sensors, especially the Coolant Temperature Sensor and the O2 Sensors. Inspect all the sensor wire plugs for chafed or melted wire insulation, and corroded, bent, or pushed back wire pin plugs. Look especially closely at the wire harness and wire plugs for recently replaced sensors.

Confirm that the O2 sensors are NOT Bosch or auto parts store generics. It is well proven that Bosch and auto parts store generic O2 sensors can easily cause drivability issues. You should only use NTK O2 sensors.

All the other engine sensors should be genuine Jeep parts. Most auto parts stores sell cheap crappy Chinese made parts, some that even come with a " Lifetime Warranty ". These parts are poorly manufactured and/or made from inferior materials. They are often out of specification, or even failed, right out of the box. The ones that are not faulty many times will have a short service life before they fail. Always buy top quality replacement parts and genuine Jeep engine sensors. Numerous threads detail long and frustrating searches for a "problem" that ended up being cured simply with genuine Jeep repair parts.

Cheap parts are cheap for a reason.

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