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Re: Ignition Coil?

Originally Posted by Saudade View Post
How did you check for spark?

You can use an ohm meter to test the coil. The primary circuit should have a resistance reading of about 1 ohm. The secondary should be somewhere between 11,000 and 15,000 ohms. Also check each circuit to ground. That should be infinite (open).
Between the primary/s it is 1.6 ohms. Primaries to secondary is open.

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
Yes. That is exactly how mine failed.

However, fuel was still being delivered. I was on the freeway when it happened and had just climbed a pass. The raw fuel being dumped on the hot cat didn't work out particularly well for the cat.
Was yours also the coil?

This is the first time troubleshooting electrical on a computer controlled vehicle. There are no codes to read. The manual reference a DRB scan tool. This is not readily available. One test referenced in the manual is to check for positive voltage at the coil connector while turning over the engine with the starter. While doing so, the voltage dropped to less than 1 volt. May be a PCM issue. however, a known good PCM does exactly the same thing.

I am going to the local store to get a coil especially because I do not have one in my spares inventory.

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