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Re: Interesting "can of worms"

If perchance you initially scribed a line all the way down and then went back and added your tabs that could be your problem. A scribed line will act as a stress riser.

If that is not what happened, another course to consider is to anneal those sections you need to bend. It is fairly easy to anneal aluminum if you have a torch rig. Set up your torch to run rich such that black wisps are falling out the air and use that setting to lay down a coat of soot where you want the aluminum annealed. Once you have laid down your soot adjust your torch back to normal operation and burn the soot off. Once the soot has been burned off you have annealed the aluminum and can work with it as you like. If you need to harden it again afterwards I think that is going to require a shop with more specialized equipment than an individual is likely to have on hand.
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