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Re: Everything you ever wanted to know about the AW4

Originally Posted by lawsoncl View Post
Nice compilation! I wish I had your amount of spare time.

The 1987-1996 NSS only has inputs to the TCU for the shifter being in (1-2) or (D). The later ones have an extra input line for (3). In theory you could use the later version if you cut and splice just the wires you need.

Not relevant for NSS swapping, but the later TCUs also seem to have an input for the reverse lights that the earlier setup didn't have.
oops, thanks, missed that. I'lll update it shortly... I've been meaning to put this together for a while now, just managed to find the time last night.

Originally Posted by lawsoncl View Post
On putting a pre-98 AW4 into a 98+, I wonder if you could get away with installing a 97 TCU that didn't care about the front sensor and might talk to the PCM enough to avoid a check-engine light..
I have considered this... I am not sure, but I think it will work. Hoping I can find a reasonably priced 97 TCU and get it before the snow melts from around my 98 so I can test this out.
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