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Another AC Clutch Issue

Hey guys, got a good one for you. 2001 Xj sport 4.0 4wd aw4.

Issue is the AC. I start her up, turn on the ac and for about 20-30 minutes, the compressor clutch stays engaged and the air is nice and cold. After that time frame the clutch disengages and reengages a couple times with a 5-10 second interval. Then i can hear the engine rev up a bit, as if it were to reengage the ac clutch...but this time, no engagement and the warm air starts to blow. So i get my handy paper clips out, and pull the plug to both the low pressure cut off and high pressure cut off, and jump them both for just long enough to confirm clutch engagement....again the engine revs up and i can feel the a/c clutch relay click, yet no clutch engagement. I whip out the tester, and there is no power to the ac clutch wire despite the ac clutch relay being engaged. Swapped change. swapped high and low cutoff with a working change. then to confirm clutch operation, i put 12v to the clutch wire and she the clutch is fine, the cut offs are fine, the relay is the a sensor elsewhere that determines power to clutch? Oh and shut her off and let her sit for a bit, and the AC goes back to normal for another 20-30 minutes. Stumped at this point
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