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Re: Crank but no start. I can hear the fuel pump running.

Buy/rent/borrow a fuel pressure gauge -- hook it up right at the fuel rail -- your 2001 should have 48 pounds of fuel pressure at the rail with the key on

If you do not have pressure then it's most likely your fuel pump -- If you do have pressure then I would look at the Crank position sensor

I am not sure if there is a way to check the crank position sensor -- You should have the coil rail so it's not easy to pull a plug and check for spark but you should check for spark

Had this happen on my 2000 just a month ago -- ran, stalled, started, ran, stalled started -- got it home -- never started again -- I had fuel pressure at 42 pounds, and was stalling on me at left turns if I had less than 1/4 tank of fuel -- A sign of clogged fuel filters in the tank -- So I swapped in a bosch fuel pump assembly, pressure washed the inside of the tank, reinforced the inner frame rails with 3/16 plate, and chassis savered the entire back end while the tank was out

Put it all back together, jeep started right up -- Next day, no start -- same thing just crank -- I had swapped out my coil rail for the viper coil so it was easy to check for spark -- No spark -- checked the ASD relay -- that was good so I swapped Crank Position sensor -- All good fired right up and been good ever since -- I do need to get another CPS in my possession to have as a backup

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