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Re: Turn signals not working

Probably, since the old fuse blew, and the new fuse did not blow, then some where the power wire shorted to ground and melted the wire, so it is now an open circuit. Is the new fuse getting power. Is power getting to the other side of the new fuse? Is power getting to turn signal switch.

Time to follow the power wire to the point where the power dies.

Originally Posted by Jimmothyb View Post
I have a 1990 jeep cherokee 4.0L manual and 2 days ago my turn signals stoped working. My hazards work just fine so it's not any of the bulbs and since then I've replaced the fuse, flasher relay and the turn signal switch and still no luck and the old fuse was blown and there was light corrosion on the contacts. The turn signal switch looked in good condition.
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