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Hey all, haven't been too active on this forum lately due to selling my XJ's for a WJ, but figured I'd ask if quadratec recently went through any sort of operational changes? I've never had a problem with them, shipping was usually fast and accurate, customer service was always decent. This time, I ordered a radiator specifically because their vendor had it in stock and I would have it before my weekend road trip. All went well until I received the radiator, and it had original tag on it from manufacturer stating it was for a V8 as opposed to my 4.0. On the opposite side of the box, it had been tagged twice more stating it was for a WJ with a 4.0 from the actual sales vendor. Upon opening and aligning it to my OEM radiator, it was clear that the box had been tagged wrong by the vendor, all the hose and trans line fittings were reversed. So i call Quadratec expecting to do a simple swap, and to see if they could possibly overnight the correct radiator so I can still take my planned weekend road trip. Immediately....and i mean immediately met with attitude as if i was inconveniencing the service rep for even asking. I was so disgusted. I provided pictures and they said they would contact the vendor to find out about overnighting but it wouldn't be likely, and they would most likely put up a fight that they didn't ship the wrong part, as if they were coming up with excuses for my dilemma. Anyways, I didn't hear back so I placed a follow up call a few hours later, and again different rep, but was met with an immediate attitude "sir you JUST called us a couple hours ago, we haven't heard from the vendor yet...." and so on. I wasn't calling to ask when the last time i called was. I was calling to ask for a simple update. So now i'm angry. The attitudes with these two associates was completely uncalled for. Finally i was so disgusted, after trying to explain my situation and being rudely interrupted in a confrontational argumentative tone of voice, i said i'm done and asked for a full return process. I don't want quadratec to have a another dime from me. They said i would see a return label after 8pm last night. Surprise, no return label yet the following morning.

Anyways, over the years i had spoken well and referred numerous sales to them, after being treated and my issue being handled so poorly as if i was inconveniencing them for receiving the wrong part, i will never recommend them again. All is well until there is an issue, and then they clearly take it personally and make the process an absolute nightmare. You would think with the competition for aftermarket parts, and the amount of social media sites, a company would train their associates to politely handle the inconvenienced customer when the company...or their vendor messes up.

Take care all. Feel free to PM me if anyone would like additional details, as this process is still currently active until i receive my return label and refund, who knows, maybe they'll change their tone if a different associate gets involved. The two i spoke with could have been having a bad day.
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