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Service 4WD System

I pulled the boat to/from the lake yesterday, and put the T-Case in 4-LOW to back the boat up a grassy area where I store it. When I got done, the T-Case would not come out of 4-LOW, and the Service 4WD System message was lit.

After a few re-starts, I got it into 4-HI and put it in the garage.

After a restart the T-Case is stuck in Neutral. Sometimes I can get it engaged enough to get it to move forward (Which doesn't help because it was driven into the garage).

If I turn the key on, but don't start, I hear the fuel pump, then a few seconds later the transfer case motor. Sometimes it grinds for a tiny bit, sometimes it carries on for some time.

Sounds like a bad selector motor to me.

Has anyone had experience with this? Can I get underneath and manually select 4-Hi just to get the thing going?
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