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Time for a build thread... 2001 XJ

After trying everyone's patience with stupid questions and hypotheticals, I'm finally starting my build thread (as my 3.5" lift from RE is arriving sometime this coming week). Aside from a ~1.5" cheapo/ghetto lift that I've had for a long time (spacers up front with load-adjusting SensaTracs in the rear), I'm finally starting to butcher my rig.

Currently it's sitting on ~30" Goodyear DuraTracs (245/75R16) on 16" Moabs. Yesterday, after much deliberation, I decided to purchase a set of Hella 700FF's which were mounted directly to the stock bumper and went ahead and did some trimming to eliminate what little rub I've encountered thus far. This installation is actually what prompted this thread, as I couldn't for the life of me find any pics of the 700FFs on a semi-stock XJ when attempting to choose between them and the 500s.

So, without further adieu, here she is the day I bought her.

After some fun with a RotoZip and my drill, here she is with the Moabs, DuraTracs, and the shiny new Hella 700FFs:

What remains to be done... Well, my RE6025 of course (minus the LCAs but add the adjustable track bar, as I have a full set of adjustable IronMan uppers and lowers awaiting installation), and now that I have a decent compressor, a high-pinion Dana 30 and spare 29-spline 8.25" will be sandblasted and torn down sometime over the next couple weeks:

I also have a 242 out of a 2003 WJ that will be going in once I figure out whether or not the main shaft has the teeth needed to drive the mechanical speedometer, and if so, once I convince Tom Woods to sell me their HD SYE with a mismatched core deposit (as the tail housing on the WJ model 242 is cast for a mechanical speedometer, but has not been drilled out).

Aside from these goodies, plans for the axles include:
  • WJ front disc and steering swap (already sourced the parts, negotiating and deliberating purchase right now)
  • KJ rear disc swap (the only complications I've seen thus far will involve the change in threading of brake lines, so maybe a little custom work will be required)
  • TrueTracs front and rear, 4.10 gears
  • Mild trussing for the HP30
Aside from the axles, I'm also planning on:
  • A Detroit Slimline rear bumper with tire carrier (no 2" receiver as I plan on keeping the factory hitch as a bit of gas tank protection)
  • Rigid FbW or FbG once I decide whether or not I want an integrated winch or a 2" receiver-mounted winch (as this would lend the option of pulling through an obstacle, or backing out of it)
Ultimately, this rig is being built as an "expeditionary" vehicle (though what I'll be doing hardly qualifies, hence the quotes). Not a big rock crawler - I'm more interested in reaching pretty much any destination I choose while retaining some semblance of road manners while getting there.

In any case, this thread will serve as the collection point for all my "Hey, look what I did!" posts. Time for some fun.

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