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Re: Looking for Select trac cv joint axle

Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
I am very interested to see this Cherokee with CV axles. Would you mind posting a picture of it?
Well I learned something, early XJs, with a NP242 Selec-Trac transfer case, evidently came with CV front axle shafts. Wonder why the change?
My 1997 XJ, with a NP242, was built with regular u-joint front axle shafts.

Rock Auto stops showing front CV shafts after the 1993 models.
When driving my 1997 on dry pavement, in 2WD Part-Time, while cornering the steering wheel rocks back and forth, something a CV shaft would cure.
Because of the rocking, 2WD Part-Time is only used in the snow or on wet, slippery surfaces. It's fun to drive in Part-Time, in the rain, it's feel like a completely different machine, a bit like our Subaru.
The difference is the Jeep doesn't have the electronic nanny, also know as stability and traction control, keeping the fun to a minimum.
I would prefer CV axles, as long as they were strong enough. The ZJ Grand Cherokee ran CV axles with a V8, so they can't be too weak.

I suspect Rock Auto may be wrong indicating their CV shafts do not work with a Select-Trac, CV shafts wouldn't be very useful with a NP231.
I wonder how they can sell a pair of rebuilt CV shafts for less than $80, and no core charge, when the boots alone are almost $30.,2288
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