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Re: Who moved from XJ to a Liberty

So, yesterday I set off on a 7 1/2 hr train journey (which took 9 1/2) to drive the KJ 300-odd miles back to Devon (where I'm spending Christmas) although, as explained I got it to use in London.

So far, so good, a few little niggles but no real issues, although only now have I learned of this trans. having a mind of its own when asked to climb a hill at any sort of speed. I've had several lower powered manuals that would climb anything - at their own speed, so if that's the worst of it, I can adjust.

Got back to find the (only running) XJ outside which I wasn't expecting to be returned 'til today. Having glass replaced tomorrow, so happy about that. Have the KJ for a longish run on Christmas Day & the XJ to go out & play in on Boxing Day.
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