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Re: Looking to buy a variable speed angle grinder

Interesting. I didn't even know variable speed grinders were a thing.

I will say I like my Metabos. I have two of them. First one replaced a Bosch and was so much better I eventually bought a second one. Both are 4 1/2".

I do have a Makita 4" that I bought for use by The Varmints. I figure the smaller diameter will make it easier to manage kickback. That does seem to be a good grinder too. It doesn't yet have the hours on it that I have put on my Metabos, so I can't really compare the two. And I am not the one who typically uses the 4". I much prefer my 4 1/2". I don't own a 5", so I can't really say anything about those pros and cons.

I am with you on the thumb switch over a paddle switch. Since it looks like the variable speed is set by a wheel, separate from the trigger, then the thumb switch should still be the winner. It might be different if variable speed were controlled on the fly, like with a die grinder. That is where a paddle switch becomes the better choice.

You will probably be fine with any of the choices you are looking at. But if you have any doubts, send me one and I will let you know what I think of it.

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