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Left over event swag.

We are going to sell some of the leftover 35th event swag.

T-shirt quantities are limited, I will try to keep them updated as they sell.

My second post in this thread will have photos of the swag items.

Long T-shirts - sold out
XL - 0
M - 0

Short Sleeved T-shirts - $18 shipped
S - 0
XL - 3
2XL - 0

Hoodies - sold out

Event stickers - 2 for $5 shipped

License plate frames - 2 for $5 shipped

Key chains - $5 shipped

Dash plaques - $2 shipped (have plenty left)

Please paypal: and then send me a PM or reply to this thread that you have paid.
PM me if you wish to send a check.
Include shipping address in either the paypal or PM to me.

I'm the only one that is handling all of this, so please, please, please, have some patients as I will get stuff out as quickly as I can.

mac 'get em while they are hot' gyvr

***T-shirt quantities updated as of 11/02/2018 11am est***
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