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Re: September 10 - High Uintas, or?

Two things are working here, I believe. I am speaking as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Intermountain Chapter of , a position I have held these last 3 or 4 years. The longer-term members have many other commitments (kids with school activities, work, etc.) so they are being pulled away from the chapter activities. Second, we have failed to attract new members, particularly young members. I might also add that the Jeep Cherokee on which the club was founded has not been in production for more than 15 years. That makes it not attractive for the young people who want to get into off-roading but don't want to spend a lot of time working on their rigs. They are looking at the Wranglers, Rubicons, FJ Cruisers and similar and spending their parents' money to buy them. Now I'll get off my soap box. If you are wondering why I am still active, my kids are grown and gone more or less and I am threatening to retire from my career so I do have the time for the chapter.