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Re: Gas pedal vibrates when Jeep decelerates. Wtf.

What year is it? 2020? LOL

OK, the behind the dash clicking sounds (LOL) like the speedometer cable-odometer package, the gauge or the cable, on an older style XJ like Renix era....

The vibrating pedal, is during breaking? You said during deceleration, but since it is the brake pedal, I assume you are applying the brakes too, foot on the pedal otherwise you would not fell the vibration, is this correct?

If yes, it maybe notches, groves in the slide area on the knuckle where the brake pads ride. A good skilled welder can repair them. The pads get stick there and when the caliper engages it jumps around, pulsing the pedal. It could be an out round brake rotor too.

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