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HELLLLLLLP!!! Stumble at idle. Pulling my hair out!!!

Ok here's the deal. 2000 XJ, 4.0, auto. I over-heated it causing the head to crack and let it go for awhile...(duh!) It developed a rod knock. So I took my friends 1997 engine (that only had 90,000 miles and ran perfect) and I put a new 2000 head on it and dropped it in.

It has a rough idle and sometimes it stalls.

2000 xj's run coil packs, so where the distibutor once was, there's just a camshaft position sensor. I read in the service manual that once the cps is taken out, they have to be re-set or re-timed. The engine runs beautiful as soon as you take it up off idle. I've tried to adjust the cps hoping to clear up the this rough idle. But it just won't clear up. I've checked for vaccuum leaks---none. It has brand new plugs, timing chain & gears.

Here's my question:
Is my problem the cps adjustment or is there something I'm over-looking???

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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