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AC Blower Full blast - no stopping it!

Hi all,

98 XJ. New to me but has had this problem since I got it. The blower is on level 4 (full blast) every time you turn on the key. The only way to stop it is to remove the blower relay or remove fuse 6 (40A) from PDC under the hood.

I initially thought maybe the blower resistor but that didn't fix it. Did I mention that it blows even with the resistor disconnected?

I also took out the A/C heater control panel and took it apart. The blower runs with the panel disconnected as well.

Every once in a awhile the HVAC blower speed switch will work as expected but it only lasts a few cycles.

Any insights on where the blower may be getting its power/ground from? I'm stumped and could use some insights.

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