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Alternative to Rusty's intake tube for Reni or HO.

This was how I did my intake tube. It works just as good as Rusty's airtube. The whole setup was $40.00 at Autozone. Rusty's tube and filter plus shipping about $90.00

This is a 6X3 inch air tube $9.99 and a 6.5 inch filter $19.99.

Vacuum sensor tube. $9.99

Put together with a piece of metal stock. Hole drilled in 6 inch tube and bolt inserted from inside out to hold bracket. Bottom of bracket uses same bolt that holds air box down.

Can be used with or without vacuum to EGR if not renix. One hose to vent, one hose to canister and the vacuum to EGR if needed.

I got rid of vacuum mess on Renix and and ran each hose individually. I cut the end off the old vacuum adapter.

The completed project.
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