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FAQ Directory by Subject (Living Document)

This is a directory of the Write-Ups archived in the FAQ Section.
To go to the article, click on the link below.
To read the article, click on the PDF to view/download it. You will need a PDF Viewer such as Adobe Reader to view the file (available free).

What Axles Do I Have?
Dana 30 info
D-30 Axle FAQ
Front Dana 44 info
Rear Axle Strength Comparison
What gear ratio do I want
Dana 30 Seal Replacement

Broken Door Hinge Repair
Cut Lower Rear Quarters
How to cut and fold the rear fenders and keep your stock flares.
ZJ headrest swap onto XJ rear seat
Measurements needed to make your own nutstrips

8.25" Liberty Discs on a 8.25" XJ
Dana44 Rear Disc Brake Conversion W/Crown Vic Parts
Brake rotor/hub differences through the years
WJ Brake Booster Conversion

NP 231 Speedometer Gear Install Writeup
AW4 to AX15 Swap
What is an SYE and When Do I Need One?
What transfer case do I have?
What transmission do I have?
Front Drive Shaft Lengths

Corroded Battery(Cable) Replacement - By bimmerjeeper
RENIX diagnostic guideline
Mostly Renix Tips
How To: WARN Winch Solenoid Replacement
How To: Wiring Up Aux Lights
Rebuild Headlight Dimmer Switch
C101 Connector Removal
Moving your alternator higher using YJ/ZJ bracketry
Declare your fog light independence!
Power door lock fix for pre-91 XJs
Replacing the Mechanical Fan with another OEM Aux Fan
CB Antenna in Stock Location
Gauge Cluster Swap
Late Model Window Lockout Switch Bypass
Radiator Fan Override Switch (The Easy Way)
How to rebuild your starter

Coolant Filter Install - By Dieselenthusiast
How to change the oil on a Jeep 4.0L engine
4.0L Header replacement
Renix era Fuel Filter Replacement
Motor Mount Replacement
Basic Modification tips for the XJ 4.0 I6
Rear Main Seal Replacement - All 4.0
How to Troubleshoot a No Start XJ
Alternative to Rusty's intake Tube for Renix and HO.
Injector Swap writeup for the 4.0L

OEM Leaf and coil spring specifications
WJ Knuckle Swap Parts List
My steering wheel is not centered after my lift install, what should I do?
Do I really need my sway bars?
Measuring Lift Height -- The Official "Dirty" Method

How to post pictures (on )
How to Build a Cheap Rollover Catch Can/Breather
Fire Extinguishers and XJs
Hi-Lift Mounted Under Seat
What should I bring to the trail?

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