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Pinion shaft not clearing ring gear.

Originally Posted by TRCM View Post
Wonder who wrote those instructions....the pinion shaft is the shaft the pinion gear is on......but anyway.

The bulk of the gear loading will be in the yellow area below if the gears are set up correctly, but seeing how what you have now was done, that is suspect.

The only choice if you don't want to grind the gear tooth is to remove the case and pull the ring gear off to remove the pin.

Setting it back up shouldn't be hard, but it could be, depending on how meticulous the person who set it up was. If he did the 'close enough' method (as it appears from the problem you are trying to fix), you may have to start all over again to get it all right.

Me, I'd just grind the tooth down, but be careful not to get grit all over, and make sure you thoroughly clean the area before putting it all back together.

Even if you have to grind 0.080", it shouldn't hurt unless you have killer power in front of it, or are known to use frequent side slipping of the clutch so as to shock load the pinion & ring gear.

Thanks for your detailed responses btw. Very helpful. Since grinding can be done with the gears in the vehicle I think Iím going to go that route. Also, wise to do considering trail repairs. What method or tool would you recommend for grinding? I know the temps need to stay below a certain amount to maintain the integrity of the metal.

Also, just refilled the pumpkin with some pricey stuff. Could I reuse the fluid if I only drive for a few days before pulling the cover again?

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