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Re: welder options for xj things, newb here

Originally Posted by 4x4JeePmaNthINg View Post
I don't plan on stick/ tig, but wondered if you all prefer individual machines for those purposes?

You don't plan to stick/tig today but if the welding bug does find you...

I personally would have individual machines for the different processes -- Sometimes I'll tack something together with the mig then go full blown stick weld on it to finish it off -- Usually do this on heavy material like 1/2 plus steel where the 211 just isn't enough machine

Keep in mind my Miller 211 is a transformer machine, I was in before they went inverter on that so I have no comments on the inverter version

My 280 is an inverter machine -- kind of nice to be so compact with all that power -- a full 280 amps I believe

Your best bet is a dedicated Mig machine -- I like miller but there are plenty of guys who like Lincoln too
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