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Originally Posted by vt98xj View Post
Should have said something, I am in Sheboygan 1/2 hour south of Two Rivers, you drove past it both directions...
technically i did say something...
Originally Posted by SAMSET View Post
Spent the weekend up in Lake Geneva for my wife's family reunion. Good times. Good people.

We set up tent with other family members in grandpa's backyard. My air mattress went flat and I had to sleep on the ground with the baby next to me. Add a case of beer before hand and you have a rough morning.


They had A LOT of thick cut bacon as soon as I was up.

Going back to WI this coming weekend. This time to Two Rivers to see her other grandpa. We may make our way up to Door County. Not to sure yet what he has planned, but I know he loves it up there.

its all good tho, her Gpa had a whole day planned then I had to get home yesterday. shit, I was doing 85 most of the trip home.

except for the traffic on 94.

my new phone is gangsta tho, it before i approached traffic it told me to get off and take some frontage road. i was flying passed all the stopped traffic on 94 lol
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Because boobs are great!
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maybe, but the fun starts when Rewster and Samset show up!

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