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Re: Gives a small smile

Originally Posted by DeftwillP View Post
What part made you laugh: the part where you liked chain mail bullshit or the part where you liked "fixing" the economy by spending $40 trillion?

Math is lollable
I guess i see humor in it. After all we know this is a joke, when it said BUY AMERICAN.

IT's a JOKE..Try to laugh more, you and your friends would enjoy life more.
OH wait you didn't vote for obamama did you? CHIT, if you did i can see why you see no humor here, your life sucks just like he does running this
GREAT country..LOL

See it's called humor.Mine is just funnier than yours.Again another joke.LOL
Smiley face added so people won't feel but t hurt.
Don't make old people mad.We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to piss us off.
RIP Shady, the Greatest Father & man i will ever know.

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