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Help with leaky xj

I need to determine if the xj is worth fixing or would need a new engine. It had been leaking from the rear main for a while, but this is of little concern to me because I had a rear seal waiting for it. (Is there an xj anywhere that doesn't drip something??) I was just waiting for a couple days in a row off. It was only leaking about a quart every other month...

My problem is I think I am leaking elsewhere now, but dont know where from. I smell oil when I stop at traffic lights coming through the vent, and there is a oil on the drivers side of the frame rail (it looks as though my shock is leaking but it isn't) I changed my oil and it is NOT milky as though there is coolant in it. Could it still be my head gasket?

My dilemma this engine worth fixing, or is it pretty much toast? It is an 89 xj, and I am ready to move on....I don't want to sink money into a lost cause.
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