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FSJ AW4 Swap

Joined naxja because of my aw4 transmission swap, looking for a few extra parts for the project plus I have a donor Cherokee to dismantle. I come from a family with a long history of running XJs, my mom used to run them on her rural postal route in RHD. Many miles were put on them trouble free. Since I had this low mile donor and was hunting overdrive lockup the swap was an obvious choice.
Here’s a copy of my thread from international full size jeep forums.

I’m starting to swap a aw4 from a 99 Cherokee into my 90 GW.
Contrary to popular belief the 97+ cherokee still has a stand-alone transmission control module.
I plan on using the np231 I have or a np242. The np229 looks like it might have overall length issues when used with the aw4. I’ll swap the speed sensor for the cable drive from my 229.
I will be using a Holley 2bbl with the Holley tps kit. I initially started fabbing up brackets to my motorcraft but my dad gifted me the Holley from another project. I’m not looking for more power so the 2bbl was a good reliable option.
Here’s where I’m at so far. I have the Tcm and wiring peeled out of my donor cherokee. There’s roughly 12 leads to the tcm. Brake light reverse light 12v constant 12v switched grounds. Some obdii connections. And two leads for the tps. I bought a 12v to 5v powersource for the reference signal on the tps. This used to supplied by the ecm.

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