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Re: NP242 Transfer Case Tech

The "HD" 242 found in the WJs were a pretty rare bird.
They are usually found in V8s (4.7) from '02-'03 and are the 32 splined version.

The Dodge Durango and Dakota also came with the HD case, but the input is different. This can be swapped pretty easy if swapping into an XJ/MJ. Also note, the lack of speedo housing, which can be solved with a SYE.

Chrysler in all its infinite wisdom used the same engine, tranny and tcase between the WJ and Dakota/Durango, but used different adapters so the tranny outputs and tcase inputs are different.

A note on the HD 242 SYE, Tom Woods does offer one but its $750 (although, that does include a driveshaft). Per the picture it does come with a speedo housing/tail cone thing.

Edit: not going to include the picture, as its massive!

Correct me if Im wrong, but you could get a Dodge HD242 (32 spline outputs, 1.25" chain), swap the input for whatever you need and 6 gear planetary, and TW SYE and have a pretty robust 242.
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