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Re: NP242 Transfer Case Tech

Couple of other details.

There was a 242-J for the ZJ as well. It is very similar to the 242-J that was used with the (regular duty) WJ 4.0

All of the XJ 242s had the shift indicator switch on the rear output housing (threaded port next to the speedo) but all the other platforms used an indicator switch that was installed on the forward case half. You can see both in this pic posted above

The XJ switch uses detents on the main shift rod (see below) while the others use detents on the outside edge of the mode selector wheel. The XJ switch closes discrete circuits to activate the different bulbs, while the others use variable resistors and the computer controls an information panel. If you want the lights to work you have to use the shifter rod indicator switch.

XJ rod with indicator switch detents (not present on other models)

Mode wheel indicator detents

Front output shafts come In yoke and CV varieties. The shafts are different between them, so if you change to a yoke you will need to change the shaft as well.

There are a bunch of little obscure things about these.

should host a wiki on this stuff
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