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Re: KOH 2018, 4600 10 Day Build

Originally Posted by cal View Post
Well, and considering there is already a team planning to build their car *on the lakebed* for 2018 KOH, with support of Ultra4 and big vendors..
Yeah, big difference.

Or, I'f you've well proven yourself to show up and race in the EMC class, maybe not big winds but strong finished, and want to step up to the 4400 class.

Then when the contacting of vendors, etc. should start to occur.

Otherwise it's just a gofundme for a group of dudes who want to play go fast.

I'm sure there's 1000 of freind groups of wheelers that would take donations to go try playing go fast.

Quite a few of those group would probably stand a much better chance since they've build pretty well caliber'd rigs.
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