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Go to the scrap yard,tell them you need a set of springpacks from an early model Dodge Dakota(2wd or 4wd).now,cut the eyes off of the Dakota main leaf(cut them to where they will be close to the eyes on your main XJ leafs eyes.this will act as another main leaf without the eyes.)Put the main Dakota leafs under the XJ mains.Then install your AAL that is sagging.Then use the last 2 Dakota springs(you don't need to add the Dakota overloads).I did this to my XJ and it gave me 4.5" lift,and it don't ride that bad,after all these are JEEPS,they ain't supposed to ride like a CADY.Also,i had to use a rear brake hose from a '96 Dakota,total length is 22"(maybe overkill,but if i ever go higher,i'm ready.)I also took my rear swaybar off and used the swaybar mounts on the spring pirch for bar pin eliminators,gave me about 1" more of my shock,and is much more stronger.Just use the brackets and put them in place up top where your stock ones were,mine bolted up nicely.As for the swaybar being gone..i can't tell a difference.even if i tow my trailer loaded with riding lawnmowers.The main reason is it flexes very well.Hope this helps you and anyone else that has sagging problems. member#579. Trust will be impressed with this mod.It won't sag..
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