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Re: Looking to buy a variable speed angle grinder

Originally Posted by Bent View Post
Well, after much research and my experience with the brand; I went with the Makita 4-1/2" variable speed.


I ended having to return the first one I ordered. I made sure the spindle nut was snug and turned it on; it sounded like it had rocks in the gear box. There was one review from a guy that had the same issue.

Second one arrived and all is fine. I will say that their "super joint system" does make for a slightly louder gearbox than those on the 7.5 amp models. Huge fan of ear plugs so it's not an issue. It is slightly heavier as well, but with the larger motor it is to be expected. No heavier than other fixed speed 4.5" grinders in the 13 amp range.

Bottom line it's a solid tool. Plenty of power for a 4.5"; variable speed works great and its top speed is only 500 rpms lower than the normal 11K single speeds.

I was REALLY tempted to go with the variable speed flat head Metabo but just couldn't justify the extra $100. Kind of reminds me of a platypus. Platypuses are cool.
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