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Re: Looking to buy a variable speed angle grinder

Originally Posted by lesslimited View Post
So, is the Metabo HPT a Metabo or a Hitachi? They don't stress the German thing like they do with the flat head,
Metabo is the new name for Hitachi. The models that have orange (red?) on them are still German made, the all one color are chinese.
Metabo does have an 11,000 RPM variable speed 5" but I don't see the advantage of the extra 1/4" reach, plus I already have tons of 4.5" consumables.
One thing for certain is that I don't want a "rat tail". Too bulky.

The flat head could be really handy but a little pricey. Either way this is coming out of my CL fund. I'm one of those that keeps envelopes for various things.

Still have a paintball gun, low profile roller fairlead and an old metal dollhouse yet to make their contributions.

Thanks all for the input.
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