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Rock Rail Selection

I am looking at add rock rails to my 1990 XJ. I have a 5.5 inch lift, 33 inch x 12 wide tires.

I see different types for sale


Some mount to the pinch seam only. others have either 2 or 3 on each side transverse supports that bolt or weld to the frame rail. Others have the transverse supports to frame, and only a partial pinch seam attachment, other habe a full length pinch seam attachment.

What are the pros and cons of the mounting methods?

Partial pinch seam support, with two support bars to frame...

Full pinch seam mount, Three support bars...

Weld in, no cross bars, pinch seam only mount...

Style... Three styles, one is rail only. two is a rail, plus an outer bump bar that protrudes out to the side more for extra protection, three is a kicker style that juts out infront of rear tire.

What are pros and cons of the kicker? how useful is it? My tires are large, and stick out well past the fenders, so I doubt my over all width will change much with the kickers, the only downside I see with kicker is that it can make the vehicle wider, but in my case, probably not.

Kicker Style......

What are the pros and cons? I have pulled up near a dozen different rail types of the web

including brands.....
Affordable Off Road (Weld on pinch seam, option for cross bars)

AJs ( two cross bars)
Hooligan (Weld You Own kit)
Ares Fab (Two cross bar mount)

TNT Custom ( Three cross bar mounts, plus full pinch seam) tnt_customs

Rock Hard ( three cross bars)

Smitty Bilt ( No cross bar mounts)

JCR (2 mount bars)

Rusty's (two cross bar mounts, partial pinch seam mount)

Dirt Bound ( two cross bar mounts, partial pinch seam)

Rocky Road ( two cross bar mount, full pinch seam, kicker rear end)

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