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Re: Fuel tank capacity mod

Last update:

I made my first approach to modification, and I managed to get 6 more gallons into the tank than I normally can, so it's a big improvement; I'm not sure if I could have gotten more into it, but as a first approach it's a huge difference. I also flattened the bends on the sender so it behaves like one from a 20 gallon tank, that also worked fine, I left it working and it showed full just a a moment earlier than the pump stopped. So it means that at least I gained something.

As I didn't drop the tank, I'm not sure if I got the optimum result, but at least it helped me alot; now my fuel pump sounds a bit, so I'm considering in buying a new one and carry it with me in case the old one fails; maybe some day I might drop the tank and make a better setup.

Now my question is, I did the setup with pvc tubing; I wasn't sure it's the right setup, but I found some info on the net on pvc fuel lines, so I'll try it out; the worst that can happen is that it falls apart.

Here's the picture of the final setup; it's blurred but it's the only one I took (I was in a hurry):

And when I filled the tank:

So, I'll monitor it and see how it behaves.
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