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Question Fuel tank capacity mod

So, trying to do the following mod:

My fuel tank is a 15 gallon one, but I know for sure from the following post, gojeep's homepage and a picture I just took that the 15 gallon tank is nothing else but a limited 20 gallon tank.

Picture I took:

So, the small pipe that bends down on my tank should be bent up as much as possible to get gojeep's setup. Now the issue is I tried, really hard but as it can only be done with the force of the wrist, it's just not enough even to move the damn thing just a bit. I read on gojeep's page that someone had already bent the pipe up. ¿Any suggestions? I really hate the 15 gallon tank and getting between 20 and 23 gallons into the thing will just be really helpful.

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