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Angry Brake & hazard lights out

87' XJ 5spd w/ CC

Just found out the other night, while backing into a space, that my brake lights don't work. Also my hazard lights haven't worked for a while. They're on the same circuit. Now I'm wondering how long I've been without brake lights . Knowing that they're on the same circuit, I checked a few things.

Brake/Hazard fuse: I checked it and it is fine. I even checked for voltage at either side of the fuse, with the fuse in, and both contacts are getting power.

Brake light switch: The wires and connector are all snug. On top of that, I disconnected the plug and jumped the wires. Still nothing.

Ground: I checked the ground behind the left tail light/interior panel. It is fine.

What else can I do? Between this brake/hazard light BS, my D35 crapping out, and my decent looking coolant bottle randomly cracking and pissing out coolant all over.... I'm about ready to off this Jeep.
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