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Build thread: daily driven tow rig

Energy suspension 2.6102G 1.75” front coil spring lift blocks on order. That should level out the front to rear at least, until i pick up the RRO 2” lift kit. Since the crown springs were 1-1.5” shorter than what came off and i doubled up the oem rubber spring isolators, im still 1” low in the front

I suspect ditching 1 OEM rubber spring isolator and installing the ES blocks will bring me in at 2.25”-2.5” up front, leveling things out. I also need to adjust the rear shackles and retorque them to make sure they arent binding or causing unwanted lift due to incorrect installation/angles.

Cherry bomb isnt going on just yet, unless i leave it hanging out underneath without a tail pipe welded on. Which i may end up doing just to get it out of trunk. I’ll hack the old tailpipe off the oe muffler and take it to the exhaust guy later on to weld in. 🤷🏼*♂️ we’ll see what happens. Doc has me on light duty no lifting over 5lb right now, so not much is getting done

codename 99 problems: Daily driver/tow rig build thread
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