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Build thread: daily driven tow rig

Picked up energy suspension poly 9.8107G shock eye bushings for front and rear shocks (6x total) and 9.8101G shock tower bushings (4 pack) today in prep for the bar pin eliminators to go on before end of the month.

Also snagged a Cherry Bomb 85710CB 2.25 in/out 23L muffler to have welded in. For $25 ill deal with a little more noise...thats what the volume knob and pandora exist for 😉

From here shell get the 2-3 lift after i move west anf im done for awhile. Eventually ill build another junkyard ling block in the living room to have dropped in down the line, and get a junkyard aw4 to rebuild and drop in. Gotta have some goals 😉🤣

codename 99 problems: Daily driver/tow rig build thread
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