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Build thread: daily driven tow rig

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
I have the same issue with the dimly lit turn signal indicators. No issue with high beam however. Might be a difference between '96 and the late model. It hasn't been worth bothering over.

Very well could be. I figure its most likely due to current draw of the LED headlights 🤷🏼*♂️ minor annoyance really. Daylight hours its not noticeable, and at night from the driver seat its not really noticeable either (lights being on). Just the high beam indicator on the dash.

Afaik this jeep never came with DRL but the capacity for it is there in the fuse blocks. May play around with it in the future if i get curious enough, wouldnt mind having that function

codename 99 problems: Daily driver/tow rig build thread
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