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Build thread: daily driven tow rig

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
I can't recall exactly what the issues are, but I know that when I converted my tail lights to LEDs I had to install a trailer wiring converter and change out my turn signal relay. I think part of that was the fact that I ditched the factory arrangement involving amber turn signals. IOW, I wasn't just changing out my bulbs for LEDs. At any rate, I have been happily running my LED tail lights for something on the order of five years now.

It is possible that the LEDs that you bought were simply defective. Between the popularity of them and the supply chain issues that everyone is dealing with there is a reasonable chance that they simply weren't up to snuff.

Very well could be the issue. I installed another one of the same brand/pack to replace it, weíll see what happens. Swapped the bad bulb over to the driver side to test and the problem followed. The IC driver inside the bulb probably failed...Iíve used these Auxito brand canbus leds in the past with no issues, but they are made in china.

One thing i will say i dont like about them is that with full LED conversion, i can see the signal and high beam indicators dimly lit up on the cluster when im driving. I suspect its because they are lower current than the halogen bulbs that came factory. Could also be due to one side having halogen and one side having LED, causing an imbalance in the circuitry. I do need to install a resistor on the headlights, they run dim when the switch is off, like an underpowered daytime running lamp. Minor annoyance really...iíll eventually install a custom built relayed headlight harness at some point, so i dont burn out a headlamp switch harness. Low priority at the moment.

codename 99 problems: Daily driver/tow rig build thread
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