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Re: Metal buildings (garage use)

One thing I can tell you is to be cautious about bureaucrats and fire ratings. About 20 years ago I purchased a metal building after checking with the San Diego building department regarding size and setbacks for my lot. I would have thought a metal building would be regarded as being as fire-proof a structure as one could ever hope for. Nope. Since they don't know how long it will take for it to burn down it is regarded as un-rated for fire. I kid you not. Stick framed with 5/8" sheetrock and stucco they are fine with because they know just how long it will take before it catches fire, but steel? Oh no. You can't build that.

Bunch of illegitimate offspring of female mutts.

That was the point at which I ceased trying to do anything to upgrade my house in San Diego.

Hopefully Williams doesn't have such issues, but most of these bureaucrats read from the same playbook. Get anything you need from them in writing, and don't assume anything that involves common sense.
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