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Re: Project Potimus

Replaced all the steering this past weekend. The TRE's were in worse shape than I thought. They had 0 resistance when it came to moving them around. Also found one of the control arms was a little loose so tightened that up along with the track bar. I also corrected some issue with the steering stabilizer. I went with the MOOG trail boss and it didn't have all the correct hardware when I put it in. A lot less noise on the road but still not the smoothest. I will admit some of the roads around here are really bumpy and most of the time it's not a bad ride but fn a it's loud compared to my MJ, and that's stock for the most part with stuff that hasn't been replaced in I don't even know how many years. I'm going to air down the tires a little as I think that is another thing causing some issues. I'm running load E which is overkill (I know, but wanted 10 ply tires) and I think I need a little more cushion and not as much air.

I also started to finish up some of the stereo. I bought all new speakers, nothing special just some basic Kickers. Only thin I really changed was I put 3.5" in the dash vs the stock size. Few little cuts but they fit just fine. I'm not happy with the way to deck looks though. I moved up to a double din and the fitment is garbage. I'll take a pic later but it just looks terrible.

Old vs New

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