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Re: Pinion shaft not clearing ring gear.

given your work space i would just whip out the grinder and grind the teeth until the cross shaft comes out. try to figure out which side requires less grinding and hit it with what ever tool you see fit. pack a welding blanket or something similar around the carrier. be mindful of where you are sending sparks. and clean the crap out of it with brake clean when you are done.

its pretty common practice to have to grind a tooth or two to get the cross shaft out of a stock carrier. sometimes you cant index the ring gear to the carrier in a manner that lets you pull it without grinding a tooth, but not always. dont sweat the fact that you are grinding teeth. as was already said, the major part of the contact patch is not on the area you need to grind. also, the tooth is not seeing the load from the pinion all by itself. it is always sharing the load with 2 or 3 other teeth.

definitely replace the cross shaft.
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