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Re: Important

Originally Posted by terrehautian View Post
It is interesting how you can't buy alcohol from a store on Sunday, but yet you go to a bar that serves food and you can buy alcohol there (not sure if only to consumed in there or carry out).
It has to be consumed there. On-premises and off-premises sales are treated differently and you need different licenses for each. So even if a restaurant/bar had an off-premises license, they would be subject to the law preventing off-premises sales on Sunday. The brewery exemption is the only way I can get beer to my house on a Sunday without driving to Illinois.

The on-premises vs. off-premises difference also explains why a bartender will open a bottle or can before handing it to you. It's not just to be nice or to earn a tip, it's so you don't pull a "can I get 13 beers, please?" and walk out with them.
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