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Re: Pre-Production Sneak Peak at Boostwerks Comp Mount

Getting the winch functional now that the Comp Mount doesn't need to come out again is the next priority. I previously calculated the three power cables at 57" and made them up before the last install. Now that they landed differently than I first thought, they could be a foot shorter.

The only place that made any sense to mount the control box was next to the fuse block. That would be fine except the radiator over flow tank is in the way. Well, the stock tank doesn't fit anywhere else. It's just too big. I did have some space near the drivers side head light. Previous mod I relocated my intake into the cowl.

I had approximately 3.5" X 10" to work with. Searched online and just couldn't pull the trigger on a universal tank. Some looked flimsy and others looked like the plumbing would come out the bottom. So, I went to the JY yesterday and looked at a thousand cars. Actually less than that but it was a lot. I found only one I thought might work. It came out of a late model Honda Odyssey. I snagged the tank, bracket, and mounting bolts. All for $15.

I trial fit the tank when I got home and found that it would fit. All I had to do was make a bracket. Made the bracket from the original Honda bracket. Lots of cutting and welding but it came out nice and I can pull the tank out without removing the bracket.

Here it is tucked away in its new home. Doesn't have the same capacity as the stock tank but I think it will work. Drove it today and got it good and hot and it didn't over flow the tank. It was nice to clean out the stock tank and hose.

Now on to the winch control box. plenty of room to work with but not enough of the right kind of scrap steel laying around. Except for that metal thingy holding up my wife's Peonies when they bloom. As Anak would say "necessity is the mother of invention" and I like to re-purpose things so out of the ground and into the Jeep, Yeah! A few hours later and I had my bracket. It attaches where the stock tank mounted and I drilled a new hole near the shock to give it more support. Drilled another hole for my cable clamps and welded a 1/4-20 nut on the back side so I didn't need to fumble with two hands. Would have been much easier to have ordered BWE control box mount.

Last thing to do was to attach the power cables and test the function. It worked beautifully. I'm still not done. I need to machine the Hawse Fairlead to clearance the winch mounting bolts. Spool up the cable. Complete the mods to Make Bumper Great Again. Hide the winch with the license plate. Enjoy the pictures. By no means is this the best way to do things. Just my way for my circumstances. Hope it helps others make easier choices based on my experiences.

BTW, the vacuum tank has been bouncing around in that spot for the last 13 years. I should tuck it up under the winch control box. lol
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