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Re: 92 Alternator Upgrade ?'s

If you go with the Durango alternator, you will need the correct plug. Here is a writeup that I did on my 98ZJ - the process should be similar for your rig. I got AC Delco part # 334-1446 off of RockAuto. The plug for the back of the Durango alternator I got off of EBay for $12.00. - You simply cut the wires going to your Alt before the black connecting box, there will be 3 wires going into the box, a green, a green with purple stripe and a thick black ground. I soldered the green to green on the new harness/plug and green/purple to the black on the new harness/plug . I then just extended the thick black ground wire and put a new eyelet on it and attached it to the top of the alt bracket (where the brace between the manifold and alt bracket is bolted) . The new post on the Durango alt is too wide for the eyelet on the original red charge wire, simply open it up a little wider with 5/16 drill bit and it will fit. Connect everything and then I reconnected my battery, and turn the key- and 14.0v charging - It is as easy as that!
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