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Re: Best battery clamps w accessory studs


If you don't think you got a good crimp then drill a hole in the end of the fitting at the at end of the wire (farthest possible from where you stripped the wire) and apply solder there. The idea would be to have solder in the fitting, but not wicked up the wire. You don't want the wire to lose any of its flexibility.

If you try to solder only then you are going to end up having to put in enough solder that it will wick up the wire and take away the flexibility. Add engine/driving vibration to the picture and you end up work hardening the wire and then breaking it.

But solder can help with a marginal crimp. Sometimes the fitting is too thin to give enough compression to the crimp. I prefer to use the heavy tinned fittings. Then I know I will get a solid crimp. Sometimes all I have on hand (or can get locally) is the bare copper type. Those are the ones least likely to result in a good crimp. If I don't think it crimped down well enough I will solder as explained above.
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