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Re: [Tech writeup] How to rebuild your starter

Originally Posted by scoobyxj View Post
I'd definitely be interested in seeing a alternator write up. especially if you are easily able to increase the amperage output...
unfortunately i doubt I can pull that one off, i believe the output has to do with the winding of the coil and that's beyond my skill level. changing out bearings and brushes however is relatively easy.

work has been killing me lately but I'll try and find time to tear open the core i keep on the shelf in case i need it.

Originally Posted by WB9YZU View Post

Medium sandpaper may be a bit rough for this. What's recommended is either fine sandpaper or crocus cloth which won't leave as deep of groves.
i agree, my idea of medium is different than most people's i suppose, I am used to working with the finer grits for finish sanding so my medium might be someone else's idea of fine. good catch

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