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Re: [Tech writeup] How to rebuild your starter

Originally Posted by GrimmJeeper View Post
no source on parts but when i tear down junked motors people leave here they go in the core pile, i never throw away anything i might be able to use to avoid a core charge lol. I'm currently out of starters but i usually have 2 or 3 of them on hand to pilfer parts from. MarkW mentioned in chat today that he might know a source but I didn't ask who or where.

If I can find my junk alternator out in the pile tomorrow I'll tear that down too and do another writeup, those are a bit more tricky

I know i have a few calipers out there, maybe i'll grab a seal kit and do one of those, that's simple and pretty useful.
I'd definitely be interested in seeing a alternator write up. especially if you are easily able to increase the amperage output...
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