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Re: Pre-Production Sneak Peak at Boostwerks Comp Mount

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BTW, Sunex makes a socket that is "extra deep" that will work.

I'll add it to the website for reference.
I'm mid-way through my install now. It's a beautiful product and I'm looking forward to getting it all back together. A couple comments / issues I've run into for those getting ready to pull the trigger.

1. The Sunex socket listed does not fit. It necks down just past the hex portion to a size that's smaller than the round portion of the new sector nut. While the socket is the right size and it's deep enough, the sector nut will not fit inside the socket.
IMG_1097 by Brent Taylor, on Flickr
IMG_1096 by Brent Taylor, on Flickr

2. The lines for the factory trans cooler are in the way. I was able to get the hard lines to fit between the Comp Mount and the radiator support. However, with the winch installed, there is interference between the winch and the cooler lines. Since I'm going to need to cut and re-route the lines, I'll just install a bigger cooler.
IMG_1098 by Brent Taylor, on Flickr
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